Short Film by Judith Angerbauer

D 2003 | 15 min | HDV | stereo | German with English subtitles

World Premiere: Gijon International Film Festival 2003

With Andreja Schneider, Isabell Wackers, Oliver Urbanski, Käthe Be

Director of Photography: Michael Kotschi     
Costumes and Make-Up: Arne Baess
Sound Recordist: Ansgar Otto
Editors: Judith Angerbauer, Caroline Kirberg
Music: Matthias Glasner
Producers: Caroline Kirberg, Judith Angerbauer

Produced by jucca film


A fashion shooting at the Baltic Sea. In winter. Swimwear. Model Shiva wants to be on the cover and has a crush on photographer Timm. At night in the restaurant the team doesn’t have to say anything to each other. Stylist Karen seduces Timm.

So what’s this all about? Women who once were beautiful and experienced life to the full suddenly become bitter. Why?


photos: Michael Kotschi © jucca film 2007