Short Film by Judith Angerbauer

D 2009 | 27 min | HD | 5.1 | German with English subtitles

With Loretta Pflaum, Pascale Schiller, Tina Schaller

Director of Photography: Michael Kotschi 
Set Design: Dorothee von Bodelschwingh, Maria Schöpe   
Sound Recordist: Manja Ebert
Editor: Lawrence Tooley
Music: Annette Weller
Sound Design: Martin Gleitze
Producers: Caroline Kirberg, Michael Kotschi, Judith Angerbauer

Produced by jucca film


Moritz, a manic-depressive commercial director, jumped into a Berlin canal. While he is recovering in hospital, his sister, his ex-girlfriend and his current flame spend the night in his appartment from which they had planned to bring him his clothes. Waiting for news from the hospital they discuss topics such as AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell”, the nourishing effects of chicken eggs, cult commercials from the 1990s, the world’s dumbest suicide attempts, and the meaning of love.

photos: Michael Kotschi © jucca film 2009