Feature Film by Philip Scheffner

D / F 2021 | 105 min | DCP | 5.1 | French &  Arabic with English subtitles 

with Rhim Ibrir

World Premiere: Berlinale Forum 2022

Authors: Merle Kröger & Philip Scheffner
Director of Photography: Volker Sattel
1st Assistant Director: Pascal Capitolin
Gaffer: Tarek Shayne Tabet
Sound Engineer: Tristan Pontécaille
Costume Design: Sandrine Bonheure
Production Design: Nicolas Lefebvre
Sound Design & Mix: Simon Bastian
Colour Grading: Matthias Behrens

Produced by pong film, Caroline Kirberg, Merle Kröger
Co-produced by Haut les Mains Productions, Thomas Micoulet, Karim Aitouna, and Blinker Film, Meike Martens 
Co-produced by RBB, commissioning editor Rolf Bergmann

Realized with the support of BKM, Eurimages, MBB, FiSti NRW, FFHSH, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes with the CNC, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine with the CNC, wave-line, Zeigermann_Audio, Arri Rental. Presented at the Venice Gap-Financing Market


The bus stop “Europe” is located on an arterial road in a small French suburb. A few blocks, a brasserie, a kebab shop and a bus that shuttles between the hospital and the forest. This is where Zohra Hamadi (Rhim Ibrir) lives, her summer beginning with the end of a long history of illness. For the first time in her life, Zohra can walk upright, virtually pain-free.

All that’s missing now is her husband Hocine, waiting in Algeria to finally get a family reunification visa and board the next plane to Zohra. But with the end of her treatment, Zohra loses her right of residence in France. She becomes – for her social environment as well as for the audience – a protagonist forced into invisibility, silenced, as she loses her job and her flat. Family and friends leave for their holidays, while she is left behind in an empty world.

This empty world becomes a stage for Zohra, equipped with a handful of keys to the flats of others. She reclaims visibility by inventing her future, and not just one, but several, which she plays out in variations. And with this, Zohra’s struggle for her space in Europe begins.

Distributed in German Cinemas by Grandfilm

World Sales by Square Eyes

International Press Berlinale by NOISE Film PR

photos Volker Sattel © pong film 2022