Short Film by Caroline Kirberg

D 2007 | 28 min | HDV | stereo | German with English subtitles

World Premiere: Hof International Film Festival 2007

With Julia Gerstenberg, Robin Beckmann, Anna Poliakova

Director of Photography: Anna Raettig      
Set Design: Dörthe Weller
Costumes and Make-Up: Sandra Seger
Sound Recordist: Thomas Pfeiffer
Editor: Nicola Poetter
Music: Dennis Mohme
Sound Design: Ludwig Bestehorn
Sound Mix: Jörg Höhne
Colour Grading: Daniel Stübner
Producers: Caroline Kirberg, Ricarda Hibbeln, Judith Angerbauer

Produced by jucca film

Funded by FFA, BKM German Federal Ministry for Culture and Media, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg


Luise has fallen in love for the first time. Julian is just so cool. But his coolness turns out a problem. Before Luise manages to get to know him better, he has already dumped her to be together with another girl... 

Laconic perspective on teenager love.


photos: Anna Raettig © jucca film 2007