Animation Film by Ewa Einhorn & Jeuno JE Kim 

SWE / D 2015 | 13 min | HD | stereo | English with German subtitles

World Premiere: Moscow International Film Festival 2015

Writers: Daniel Karlsson, Ewa Einhorn & Jeuno JE Kim
Directors of Animation: Sanni Lahtinen & Joni Männistö
Character Design: Ewa Einhorn & Jeuno JE Kim
Original Music: Jam Rostron & Hermione Frank
Editor: Natali Barrey
Lead Voice Actors: Anna Blomberg, Inga Cristina Campos, Magnus Mark, Jeuno JE Kim
Sound Design: Henrik Meierkord, Jeuno JE Kim
Sound Mix: Kai Hoffmann

Produced by Monkey Machine Film
Co-produced by Kirberg Motors & Film I Skane

Funded by Swedish Film Institute,  Film I Skane, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Nordic Culture Point, Boost HBG, Sweden Finland Foundation


SchlopSchlop and KK are two annoying, funny women who work at the Office of Developement in Krabstadt; a small town in the Arctic where the Nordic countries have sent their Unwanteds.

In Krabstadt porn is subsidized by the state as a cure for the dreaded Winter Depression. One day, the Director of Development decides that subsidizing health care is too expensive and things will be much better for Krabstadt if the porn market is opened up. After a short euphoria, Winter Depression hits Krabstadt with increased force and people get more sick and more depressed than ever. Nobody knows what’s wrong but there is no turning back. It’s up to Schlop Schlop to save the town as her friend KK has become addicted to the new porn and is good for nothing. For help, she turns to the Feminist Institute who have their own drastic ideas on how to deal with the situation…

all images © Monkey Machine Films 2015