Short Film by Jons Vukorep

D 2011 | 11 min | HD | 5.1 | German and Bosnian with English subtitles

World Premiere: Sarajevo International Film Festival 2011

Awards: Best Short Film Brussels International Film Festival 2011

With Vernesa Berbo, Kathi Angerer, Samuel Finzi

Director of Photography: Michael Kotschi 
Costume Design: Juliane Solmsdorf
Make-Up: Angela Mattheus
Set Design (Consultant): Volko Kamensky
Sound Recordist: Etienne Haug
Editor: Angi Harrer-Vukorep
Music: Loma
Sound Design (Consultant): Christian Obermaier
Sound Mix: Eric Horstmann
Colour Grading: Dirk Meier
Producers: Michael Kotschi, Jons Vukorep, Caroline Kirberg, Judith Angerbauer

Produced by jucca film
Co-produced by kosmoskaukasus and


Actress Vernessa B. is forced to flee Bosnia during the war. As an illegal immigrant in Germany, she struggles to get by, but finally picks up acting again. The only work she is being offered, however, is to play Eastern European women with difficult social backgrounds, making her live through her nightmares again and again.

photos: Michael Kotschi © jucca film 2011