Art Film by Assaf Gruber 

D 2016 | 12 min | HD | stereo | German with English subtitles

World Premiere: Berlinale Forum Expanded 2016

with Sabine Wackernagel

Director of photography: Shay Levy
Sound Recordist: Tom Schön
Sound Design: Igor Klaczynski
Grading / Mastering: Matthias Behrens

Tuned by Kirberg Motors / Caroline Kirberg

Commissioned by Muzeum Sztuki of Łódź


A 73-year-old security guard from the Old Masters Picture Gallery in Dresden writes a letter to the director of the Muzeum Sztuki of Łódź, requesting to volunteer as a security guard there.

The fourth in a series of short films entitled “The Anonymity of the Night”, The Right is a fictional story framed by historical sentiments. The ostensible reason for the security guard’s wish for a transfer – apart from her personal history as a Polish-German refugee in the 1940s – is the Łódź museum’s collection of avant-garde pieces by the “a.r.” group (“revolutionary artists”, “real avant-garde”) from the 1930s, one of the most renowned leftist Polish avant-garde groups of the interwar period, which she values much more highly than the old masters in the Caravaggisti room in Dresden, where she is currently placed.

photos: Shay Levy © Assaf Gruber 2016